Dark Virtue: Daoism and the Rejection of Civilization

From The Tiger’s Leap

The Tiger's Leap

“Everything you say I reject.” —Robber Chih

“Whatever is against the Dao will soon be destroyed.”—Daodejing

“Everyone in the world is a human sacrifice.” —”Webbed toes”

Resistance to civilization has existed as long as civilization itself. There have always been those who reject this way of life. Critiques of technology, urban life, agriculture, domestication, and symbolic culture can be found in cultures all around the world and throughout history. As enemies of civilization searching for ways to understand the nature of the world in the 21st century, I believe we can draw on the work of those critics of the past. There is perhaps no region on earth where civilization has been more entrenched for so long than China. Likewise I believe that there is no more potent critique of civilization from the ancient world than daoism.

In this essay I will attempt to demonstrate how ancient Chinese daoist philosophy is…

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