Book Review: Pagan Anarchism

Book Review: Pagan Anarchism by Christopher Scott Thompson Pagan Anarchism is a book that shines a light on the commonalities between Anarchism and Paganism by drawing from myth, history, and personal experience of the author. This book serves as a solid introductory for those who may have an interest in paganism/polytheism as well as classical […]

Dark Virtue: Daoism and the Rejection of Civilization

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? “Everything you say I reject.” —Robber Chih “Whatever is against the Dao will soon be destroyed.”—Daodejing “Everyone in the world is a human sacrifice.” —”Webbed toes” Resistance to civilization has existed as long as civilization itself. There have always been those who reject this way of…

Politeness as Inauthenticity

For the sake of this article and pre-emptively refuting any remarks about me proposing ‘meanness,’ let’s define politeness. I will also, for this essay and others in the future, synonymously use “niceism” with politeness. It’s an ism. It’s something done systematically, with little or no conscious thought or regard. Habit. Politeness, or niceism, is acting […]

Mankind’s Putrescence

He lingers the earth, staggering awkwardly Leaking ideology from his open wounds He covers it with the bandage of dogma A bandage stewed in the piss and filth of his own self-worship He’ll tell you he’s the most intelligent creature of the lands That the animals of the Wild are fools in contrast to his […]

An Essay on Green Nihilism

“Nihilist anarchism isn’t concerned with a social revolution that adds a new chapter to an old history but the ending of history altogether.” Aragorn!   Before I really start this I want to say that, actually, it is ok and that we can be ok with that. Sure we can be horrified, enraged, hateful and […]

Let Instinct Prevail!

Social conformity and indoctrination have largely been counterproductive to our instinctual response to legitimate threats. Both morality and legality, for example, remain as social barriers in our heads to maintain ‘correct’ behaviour for this social order. I’ll explain: Morality, or codified social ethical beliefs, is a hindrance to practical survival in the face of danger(s). […]